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Asian betting brokerage services

Our service comes packed with easy-to-use and advantageous features


We provide accounts with Mollybet offering a complete trading solution with their multi-bookmaker platform. Link all of your betting accounts to one account, and enjoy the convenience of getting the best odds and highest volumes.

Asian bookmaker accounts

We specialize in providing betting accounts with all major Asian bookmakers and betting exchanges. Our long-standing relationships with them also enable us to provide credit to our clients, simplifying the process of large transactions.

Skype Betting

Skype betting makes betting more convenient than ever: all that you need is access to Skype, and you will have 24/7 access to betting and to our customer service team who are dedicated to helping you with your betting needs.

VIP Service

Our service is discreet and customized for our clients so that you can experience safe and FAST payment methods with dedicated VIP support. Our team is experienced, fluent in English, and committed to providing excellent customer service.


We offer the best methods available both in terms of getting the highest odds and largest liquidity.

BetInAsia specialize in sports bet brokerage. We offer the best methods available to our clients and choose the best providers and partners, both in term of providing highest odds and largest liquidity. We also make sure our client’s money is handled in the safest and fastest way possible. If you prefer trading via an exchange, getting access to Mollybets multi-account betting software or placing your bets via Skype or telephone, BetInAsia offers it all. Fill in the form under “Open Account” and we will make sure you get the best tools for beating the market.