Asian Handicaps & Betting Markets

Asian handicap betting is a form of football betting and it’s very popular in Asia, as its very name signifies. A handicap means assigning one selection a virtual advance.

Simply put, Asian handicaps are invented to eliminate the result of a draw and to leave only 2 possibilities for the outcome: team A or team B winning the match.

There are few types of handicaps: quarter goal (0.25, 0.75 etc), half goal (0.5, 1.5, 2.5 etc) and whole goal (1.0, 2.0 etc).

For example:
In a standard Betting Odds market there are three options available on this match:

  • Arsenal
  • Everton
  • Draw

As it was mentioned before, when you bet on the Asian Handicap (AH) market, the draw is eliminated as a possible outcome, and only two options are left. In the example above, Arsenal is a strong favorite, so the handicap is 1.5 goals.

  • Arsenal -1.5
  • Everton +1.5

*This example simply shows an AH betting on bookmakers like IBCbet and Singbet.

As mentioned, some Asian Handicap markets give teams two virtual head starts (or handicaps in case of the favorite!). Here, we have a combination of a half goal and a whole goal handicap (+0 & +0.5, -0 & -0.5). These bets are sometimes referred to as “quarter-goal handicaps”:

  • Liverpool +0 & +0.5
  • Chelsea -0 & -0.5

In this case, the stake is divided between a bet on the zero (level) handicap and a bet on the half-goal handicap. For example, if you back Chelsea for 20EUR to beat Liverpool with a handicap of -0 & -0.5, then you have two separate 10EUR bets (at the same odds, 2.03 in the example) – Chelsea -0 and Chelsea -0.5

  • If Chelsea wins by 1 goal or more, both bets win.
  • If the match is drawn, then the -0.5 handicap bet loses and the other half (+0) is void/refunded.
  • If Chelsea loses, then both parts of the bet lose.

A “zero goal” start in Asian handicap betting effectively means “Draw-No Bet” – i.e. there must be a winner in the match, or all bets are voided.

*The AH market is very similar to a “normal” market, you can back and lay on exchanges in the same way.

Here is an explanation of the possible outcomes:

What is a Void bet?

If the given handicap is a whole goal, +1, -1, 0, -2 etc, and the result means the settlement is a draw, the bet is voided. Neither backer nor the layer can be said to have won the bet, so the money staked is returned to both.

Void bet is when the given handicap is whole goal, +1, -1, +2, 0 etc and the result of the game is settled as a draw and your stake will be returned to you.

If you lay Arsenal -1 and Arsenal win 1-0, the settlement score is 0-0 and the bet is voided (you get your money back).

If you back Arsenal -1.0


(lose by 1)

0 (Draw)

Win by 1

Win by 2

Win by 3+

10EUR @ 1.95

Lose 10EUR

Lose 10EUR

Void 10EUR

Win 9.50EUR

Win 9.50EEUR

What is the settlement score?

The settlement score is the result with a given handicap applied. This score is used to settle the bets. If you have backed Arsenal -0.5 and Arsenal wins 1-0, the settlement score is (0.5)-0 and you win your bet. If Arsenal draws 0-0, the settlement score is (-0.5)-0, you lose your bet.

What are Quarter Goal Handicaps?

When a handicap is made up of two parts, like 0 & -0.5, or +1.5 & +2.0, it means that the bet is split 50/50 between the two handicaps. These are often referred to as -1/4 (-0.25) or +1 ¾ (+1.75) goals handicaps (as in the examples above). So if you back Chelsea +1.0 & +1.5 (also +1 ¼ or +1.25) with 100EUR, you are effectively betting 50EUR on Chelsea +1.0 and 50EUR on Chelsea + 1.5.

What Are Betting Markets?

A betting market is a selection on some sports event. For example, in a match between Man UTD – Chelsea and you can choose any outcome you want to wager on, it can be moneyline, AH, over/under goals etc…

Markets People Like to Bet On

There are many markets that people like to bet, if you see any conventional bookmaker, you will see over 300 markets for football game, but not all of them are so popular and only specific types of player are betting on them.
Here, we will introduce you to some of the most popular markets for betting.

1/X/2 (Moneyline)

1X2 bet is the simplest and surely the most popular bet type. All you need is to pick 1 for home to win, X for the draw and 2 for away to win. Also, there are combinations like 1X, 2X or 12, where 1X is home win/draw, 2X is away win/draw and 12 is home/away win.

Accumulators (Accas)

Accas are also popular among low stakers and fun players, where they simply select more than one match on the same slip and odds are accumulated and multiplied with the stake. So you select Manchester over 3.0 goals, Barcelona over -1.5 and Getafe over 2.5 on the same slip and to win, you must win all 3 games, if one game fails, you lose too.

Anytime Goalscorer

Every single player that is expected to take to the pitch for each team will have odds, which are related to then and available in regard to that player scoring a goal at any time in that match. Keep in mind that obviously the players most likely to score will have the lowest odds on offer, so it can be of some value if you think the least likely players will score a goal at any time.

Asian Handicap

When it comes to Asian handicaps, they are very popular not only in Asia but also worldwide. The biggest advance of AH is that you have only 2 outcomes: win or lose! The reason why it is called “handicap” is reasonable, because teams are handicapped. For example, underdog will have a certain number of goals advance (Barcelona – Lazio, Lazio +1.5 means that Lazio can lose with 1 goal and you still will win your bet. In case Lazio loses by 2 goals difference, you lose too).

Both Teams to Score

If you think both of the teams playing in any single football match are going to score a goal during the match then consider placing a Both Team to Score bet, for if both teams score at least one goal, that each bet will be a winning one.

Correct Score

One hugely popular and often very rewarding bet you can place on a football match is a Correct Score bet. This type of football bet will make you use your skill and judgment to guess the final score of a particular match when the final whistle is blown.

Correct score market is popular among the trades, many of them have strategies of laying and backing a correct score, but for more about that wait for the next post.

Draw No Bet

A Draw-No Bet wager does actually offer you some excellent and additional betting value, for you will have to decide just which team you think will win the match or what the correct score of a match will be outright. However, if the match ends in a draw then you will be given your stakes back.

First Goal Scorer

This type of bet is self-explanatory, for you simply have to predict which of the 22 players on the pitch is going to be the first one to score a goal. The odds on each player will reflect their respective chances of doing that.

Half-time / Full-time

If the odds available on your selected team are a little low in value to win the particular football match, then consider placing a Half-time/Full-time wager instead. You will need to predict whether at half-time and at full-time the match will end in a Home Win, a Draw or Away Win, and the odds will be much more generous than an outright win type bet!

Over / Under

One final type of football bet that is very popular among the players and may keep you interested in a football match right up to the dying minutes is an Over/Under bet. When you place such a bet you will have to predict correctly whether the total number of goals scored in a selected match will be higher or lower in number than that displayed on the betting platform.