About us

BetInAsia specialize in sports betting brokerage. We offer the best methods available to our clients and choose the best providers and partners, in terms of providing the highest odds and largest liquidity. We also make sure our client’s money is handled in the safest and fastest way possible. If you prefer trading via an exchange, getting access to Mollybets multi-account betting software or placing your bets via Skype or telephone, BetInAsia offers it all. Fill in the form under “Open Account” and we will make sure you get the best tools for beating the market.

Looking for SBOBet agent?

BetInAsia is an agent for SBOBet and offer assistance to provide players with  SBOBet accounts.

What are the Benefits of an SBOBet account?

  • SBOBet  is a respected bookmaker with an immaculate reputation, having licenses and operations in both Asia and Europe.
  • Winners are not restricted. If you are a winning player, SBOBet will not close your account.
  • High odds
  • Large choice of sports also including reality shows and politics
  • They have more than 500 events to bet on every week.
  • They have been working hard to bring the Asian handicap betting style to Europe, as shown by the fact that they have recently sponsored both West Ham United and Cardiff City.


  • Why do I need an agent to open an SBOBet account?

    SBOBET attracts its players via agents, who also take care of the player’s deposits and withdrawals. Agents let the players bet anonymously without disclosing sensitive personal information.

  • Why should I sign up at an Asian bookmaker over this website?

    To get access to the highest odds and largest volumes when it comes to sports betting.

  • What does BetinAsia earn from my bets?

    We earn a commission on the turnover we generate.

  • Which payment options do you offer?

    We accept payments via Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller, and bank wire.

  • How can I withdraw funds from my account?

    Request your withdrawal through an email to support@betinasia.com.

  • How long does it take for me to receive my funds once withdrawn?

    Please allow up to five working days for your withdrawal to enter your account.

User Reviews

“I’m very satisfied with SBOBet, because they offer large betting with big variety on sports, great Asian handicap betting odds and very good customer support.”


” SBOBet provide an exciting form of live betting with asian handicaps. With high limits and good odds, they are perfect choice for me.”